Our Ranges

We have five extraordinary collections’ that have been designed with living in mind.

Vision feature our most cutting edge kitchens with super sleek lines designed with tomorrow in mind. The collection brings together a stunning range of textures, to create a bold rich and sophisticated look. It is all about the tactile qualities and understated elegance.

The Linear collection incorporates our most innovative handleless designs, creating a sophisticated streamlined look. These elegant kitchens will look equally as beautiful in an urban apartment or modern family home. With discrete integrated handleless fascia’s available in both gloss and woodgrains, the finished look is simple, yet striking.

Our Classic collection brings together stylish and beautiful kitchens with the family in mind. Today’s family kitchen must be able to accommodate all the demands of family life. From the chaotic morning rush, to animated family dinners or an intimate supper at the end of a long day at work. Choose from classic 5 piece shakers or unique beaded centre panels either way the classic collection will give your home a simple and sophisticated feel.

The Unique collection is all about colour, with 6 ranges to choose from available in 50 painted colours, we can help you create a kitchen that is unique as you are. Establish a single tone or mix similar shades for a classic design. Divide the kitchen into specific areas or highlight a focal point with contrasting colours. or introduce a bold colour that will add punch and make a real style statement.

The Elegant collection is timeless and elegant, evoking feelings of nostalgia. These classic styled doors allow you to create your own unique living space. Blend the style seamlessly throughout your home and create a welcoming place where everyone will want to be.